Formerly a settlement in the apartheid-era homelands of Gazankulu and Lebowa, Bushbuckridge has emerged as a thriving retail centre with a bustling population and some of the most spectacular views in the country. Wedged in the rolling hills between the Lowveld and the escarpment, the district forms part of the ecologically important Kruger2Canyon biosphere.

Top attractions

Take a tour of the Africa Silks silk farm. Photo courtesy of Malcolm Manners

The kiaat tree is a rarity on much of the African continent. Photo courtesy of Martin Heigan

  • Mission stations are scattered across the misty hills, bearing testament to the work of numerous organisations from around the world that contribute to the upliftment of South Africa’s rural communities
  • Mariepskop is a spectacular mountaintop plateau used by the Pedi people for rock-launching during their decisive victory at the battle of Moholoholo ("the great, great battle") in 1864
  • The densely-afforested Bushbuckridge Nature Reserve is home to the red duiker, a shy antelope species, as well as the rare samango monkey. The reserve forms an integral part of the Kruger2Canyon Unesco biosphere
  • The Africa Silks silk farm lies just outside Bushbuckridge on the road towards Graskop. It offers fascinating tours of its spinning and weaving operation
  • Injaka Dam, completed in 2002, is a bird-watching Mecca! The dam also caters to water-sports and fishing fans. The wide-mouthed bass fishing is particularly good here
  • The kiaat tree is a rarity on much of the African continent, but can be found in abundance along the lower reaches of the great escarpment. Look out for the kiaat's twisting boughs on the slopes of the mountains
  • Arum lilies are wild flowers that grow along the roadsides in the Bushbuckridge region. These iconic plants were once known as "the South African weed".

Did you know?

Bushbuckridge was named after the large herds of antelope that were found in the region in the 1880s. The town grew around a trading store, which was opened in 1884 by a hunter named Kirby.

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