Set atop the escarpment, the arty little town of Graskop is known for its friendly vibe and village atmosphere. From Mozambican prawns to cottages reminiscent of the gold-rush era and from unique African collectables to pubs where stories are spun late into the night, the pioneering spirit of the region is tangible at every turn. In winter, the village is frequently shrouded in mist, while in summer the plateau offers views of scenic valleys and dramatic waterfalls plunging hundreds of metres over the escarpment.

Top attractions

Bourke's Luck Potholes are named after gold digger Tom Burke. Photo courtesy of Rouan van der Ender

God's Window is one of the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve's most scenic viewpoints. Photo courtesy of heyadam

  • Harrie’s – the home of the Graskop pancake since 1993. You have never had a chicken liver flavoured pancake? Well, here’s your chance to put that right …
  • Berlin Falls – formerly Berlyn – a perfect one-chute fall, but see if you can find the mysterious cave where Portuguese traders are said to have been smoked to death by their perfidious African trading partners!
  • Lisbon Falls offers an easily-photographed stepped waterfall. Watch the sunlight play on the spray.
  • Natural Arch – an arch of dolorite straddling a stream, set back slightly from the road. A good place to buy curios 
  • The Bonnet is named for its shape, which rather attractively translates into Afrikaans as ‘Die Kappiekoppie’. This lovely peak sits alongside the road to Pilgrim’s Rest
  • Antique and curio shops – Graskop has some fine collections of sub-Saharan artefacts and curios at good prices
  • God’s Window – probably the district’s best known icon, offering stupendous aloe- and fern-decked views off the escarpment and into the Lowveld below
  • Graskop Gorge, home to the Big Swing, and the iconic Panorama Guest House with its rock swimming pool, right on the edge of the ledge
  • The Graskop Day-Hike is a 13km hike that takes in the Mac Mac River and Forest Falls. And it is not too strenuous
  • Macadamia nut salesmen – almost as indigenous as the pancake!
  • The protea, South Africa’s national flower, flourishes around God’s Window and Bourke’s Luck Potholes
  • Wonder View lies beyond God’s Window and – here’s a top tip – it’s a similar view but without the climb through the rainforest
  • The Pinnacle is a small inland stack with its base buried in indigenous woodland and its head poking out of the gorge
  • An old steam locomotive still stands on the side of the track at Graskop Station, its relevance shrouded in history
  • Africa Silk Weavers – An opportunity to see the silkworm at work. The shop is in Graskop and the farm is just outside Bushbuckridge

Did you know?

God’s Window really is the end of the world in the film The Gods Must be Crazy.

For more information

Graskop Information: +27 (0)13 767 1833

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