Ohrigstad offers a tranquil escape to vast game-strewn ranches and long vistas. In the Ohrigstad district lie caves and mountains, dams and rivers, brooks and streams. It is truly a nature-lover’s paradise.

Top attractions

  • The Echo Caves are said to have been discovered in 1923 when they seemingly swallowed up a whole herd of cattle. Today they are a popular and impressive attraction, with a stalagmite which echoes resoundingly when struck. Hence the name: Echo (echo-echo-echo-echo)

The shoe house was built in 1990 by Ron van Zyl for his beloved wife, Yvonne, and is now a museum. Photo courtesy of Johann Snyman

  • The Shoe House, 20km North of Ohrigstad, was built by artist Ron van Zyl in 1990 and now leads to a string of man-made caves built according to a vision from the spiritual world.
  • The Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve is home to a range of mammals including some rarer ones, such as the mountain reedbuck and the brown hyena.
  • The remains of the Voortrekker Fort may still be seen to the north of the town, alongside the gravesites of the numerous trekkers who died of malaria. The outbreak led to an exodus southwards, to Lydenburg, and resulted in that town's name: Place of Suffering.

Did you know?

Ohrigstad is the oldest town on the Panorama Route and was founded by Voortrekker Andries Hendrik Pretorius, who named it Andries-Ohrigstad after himself and George Ohrig or Orieg, a merchant backer of the Voortrekkers. Sadly for Pretorius, the Andries (his first name) was dropped from the name.

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